Original Blog Post: April 3, 2018

On Sunday we helped young Peter take a couple of carloads to his long-anticipated first home.  Even though he and his belongings are only halfway out the door, it has already created a void in our home.  There is an undercurrent of gloom and sadness on his departure.  Our lives and home will be a little quieter without him living here.  He is a constant source of laughter, pride, and generosity.    It's an exciting event to move into your first place as an independent being from your parents.  Autonomy is a highly underrated commodity.  In our joy for him, it's hard to be the ones left behind.  Even if we do get our dining room back.   And maybe a yoga room.  He has been very kind giving us several weeks to adjust.  I  think it will be hardest on his dad though, as they have worked at the pub, as well as played together these last 5 years.  I suspect our gas consumption will rise in the first few months as we will want to visit our lad in the city.  It's a 270km round trip from Chilliwack to West Point Grey.

I am exploring Bullet Journaling this week.  Check out www.bulletjournal.com  Since I am a list maker by nature this is better than chocolate for a treat.

Last week I painted an arbutus in vivid tones.  This week I painted a riverside trail in similar tones.  

There is angst in the air as we move through Change.  I'm looking forward to some lazy warm sunny days to feel happy and settled.

More next week.  Cheers!