Original Blog Post: December 13, 2019

I was born in 1960. That means that on October 17 of 2020 I will be 60 years old. Older than some, younger than others. Lucky for me my best friend Helen is facing the same situation as I am, 6 months earlier, but still the same. We pondered the impending milestone last August sitting on Crescent Island on a log in dappled shade, our toes in the sand, eating a picnic lunch and watching the Fraser River flow downstream, our kayaks waiting at the shore. Both of us were expressing an “antsiness”, a dissatisfaction or a need to do something or be something better. It wasn’t just the changing of the season this time; we wanted something epic to mark our birthdays. That’s how the list began.

I pulled a sketchbook and pencil out of my art bag and scribbled furiously as we blurted out things we wanted to do: ride a horse, learn to fly fish, volunteer, take vitamins, give blood. Very quickly we realized that we needed some organisation. And then we realized that the list could very easily encompass 60 things. Hence the name 60 for 60.

We chose 6 categories: Bike Rides, Hikes, Personal Growth, Health and Wellness and of course, Kayak Trips.

We acknowledged that most of the things we would do together, some alone, some would include our husbands. And we also knew that our lists would be tailored to ourselves as well as each other.

With 6 months between our birthdays we decided that The List could be accomplished over 18 months instead of 1 year; to start on my 59th birthday October 17, 2019 and end on Helen’s 61st birthday March 8, 2021. Thank goodness for the extra 6 months because this list is going to be a challenge to complete.