Original Blog Post: January 16, 2019

As much as I love a good snowfall before Christmas, I still consider it as part of the decorations that should get stuffed into boxes and hidden under the stairs by January 2nd.   I am tired of the ice, snow, slush, and "wake up snap" of chilly weather.  On Sunday Peter and I went for a walk in 8-degree sunshine.  I actually had to remove my hat and gloves because I was overheating.  The sky was that perfect shade of cerulean blue, cloudless.  I understand that most of the valley was under a thick damp blanket of fog but I wasn't and it was easy to daydream of sand, surf, and paddling into the wind. Carol Kinnee at www.carolkinnee.com, my partner in crime with 52 Over 50 blogging has embraced the snow this week with snowshoeing adventures.  But I am happy to see the green grass and rain puddles of our warm wet coast.

In the studio this week I have been painting on that 9" x12"  Arches 140# hot press block that I was talking about last week and I'm really having a lot of success with it.  I also downloaded an App called Artgrid (free!).  It takes my favorite photos and re-defines the grayscale and (surprise!) marks a grid.  This makes my initial sketches go much quicker and easier because it drops unnecessary detail.

I would like to take a moment to invite you to check out 2 more very talented artist friends "Over 50"  www.cathypelter.com and on Facebook Melanie Gilette of "sew many quilts so little time".  I am lucky to know Cathy through the Fraser Valley Graphic Guild and Melanie is a paddling quilter.  More about that later.  Please check out their wonderful creations at their websites.

Happy Tuesday everybody and especially Happy Birthday to my niece Jamie.  See you next week.