Original Blog Post: March 28, 2018

I had to do another technological upgrade course at work this week.  Our site is moving to electronic charting in the ED.  The initial transition a year ago to charting the admitted patients wasn't so bad but if I had a dollar for every time I sighed" I miss paper!" I could probably afford a really fancy dinner out.  The 3-hour course on Monday was yet another reminder that I am falling behind technologically speaking.  Back in grade 8, I thought that learning to type was for losers and I was certain that I would never miss not having the skill.  When my kids learned keyboarding in elementary school, I thought to myself "Hey, maybe you should do one of those online typing courses", but I didn't.  I am a classic "hunt and peck" pc user.  

I have been trying for days to figure out how to create a playlist on my phone.  I've texted Devon for help but Google Music won't load, and to be honest, I often don't understand the lingo or the context of the instructions.  I accidentally accrued a $50.00 charge for data because I wanted to listen to a new jazz band I heard about on CBC.  Virgin actually put a lock on my phone for 24 hours.  Sigh.

And then, last night I was writing my blog and somehow I let the pc reboot without saving my work.  So when I went to post it was gone.  I went to bed instead of trying to figure it out.  That happens a lot now.  If I can't figure the technology out, I just do without.  Not always a bad thing.  At least I can still make a cup of tea.

This week I've been painting a lot but I'm not necessarily happy with the results.  The best of the lot is this arbutus.  I was trying for something a little more colourful and whimsical.  

If you like jazz check www.IngridJansen.com  of Infinitude - Hope Trails on youtube and as always my blogging partner www.carolkinnee.com  Have a great week.