Original Blog Post: March 6, 2018

This week I am trying Something Old and Something New. 

I made a pretty great trade with Peter and swapped him the manly sports watch that I won in the First Annual Hot Wheels Christmas Extravaganza for the Samsung tablet that he won at a food show.  My Something New is to learn how to use it.  This morning I thought that I was very clever when I downloaded a Word app to compose my blog on.  I don't feel very clever this evening though because now I can't figure out how to get it from one device to the other and when I tried to copy and paste it showed up here in a very strange digital language that doesn't make sense ...and so I am trying to rewrite as I type. 

It's funny how that kind of task seems to come as second nature to people born after 1990.  I was born in 1960 and I miss paper.  I am truly dragging my heels into electronic technology.  Next month our site will move to electronic charting.  Terrifying!

My "Something Old" is revisiting a favorite photo of a favorite thing in a favorite place.  I chose a familiar theme because in the last couple of weeks I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone in the studio.  I craved the comfort of painting rocks, water, and trees.  So I am back to one of my favorite sea stacks at  Fleming Island.  I've painted it before and will probably paint it again.  I also went out for my first paddle of the year today; on the Fraser around Crescent Island with my beat-up old thermos full of tea. 

As in paddling, also in painting, I can still go back to a familiar place and find inspiration.

Do brides still do  "Somethings" at weddings these days?  You might notice that the painting has a few" Somethings Blue".

See you next Tuesday!  Don't forget to check out my fellow 52 Over 50 bloggers www.cathypelter.com and  www.carolkinnee.com