Original Blog Post: February 20, 2018

I grew up in Maple Ridge, but I haven't lived there for over 3 decades.  Every time I go back to visit family, or for work I am struck by the feeling of "coming home"  whenever I get a glimpse of the Golden Ears. 

On reflection there are many sensations that make me feel at home; the first squeeze into my cockpit of a paddling season; the smell of seaweed and creosote at the pier; the first glimpse of the ocean after an hours-long  cross-island drive; my daughters laugh; my son's hug and the sound of his voice when he yells out "Love you!"; Peters kiss goodnight as I slide between cool smooth sheets. 

It was Mom's 80th birthday on Monday.  I posted Jan Ardens' "Good Mother" video on her Facebook page.  The lyrics struck me:

I have money in my pocket, I like the colour of my hair

I have a house, I have a car

I have a Good Mother, and her voice is what keeps me here

Feet on ground, heart in hand, facing forward, facing back.

I've never wanted anything

When I hear that song I feel the same way as when I see the Golden Ears.

 This week I made another attempt to capture "the ears".  It probably won't be the last time I try.

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