Original Blog Post: February 12, 2018

I decided to knit a sweater this week.  No small task for someone who hasn't successfully knit anything beyond an oddly shaped "rectangular" scarf made of scrap wool for her dad at age 9.  None the less, I braved the yarn store with the catchy name "Trendy or What Knot " and was directed by the very kind and encouraging proprietor to attempt a "My First Sweater" pattern using a lovely grey heather Marino /acrylic blend worsted knitted in the round( look at me using the correct lingo!).   

My mother taught me to knit when I was 6.  It was part of the Brownie program back in the 1960s.  Mom was Brown Owl.  Isn't it funny that when I was growing up skills like knitting and darning were staples?  When did texting take over and eliminate textiles?  I don't think my style has altered from what I learned at age 6.  Mom is left-handed and even then I had a hard time switching things in my brain from left to right, so I'm "clunky".  My tension is good but to watch me knit I look jerky with long-reaching hand motions instead of the smooth efficient moves of a truly gifted knitter like my friend Melanie (facebook Sew Many Quilts, So Little Time) and her daughter Carey.  I have thought a great deal of my mother leaning over my shoulder watching me learn to cast on, knit and purl.  Likewise, I taught my daughter to knit and was one of her Brownie leaders.  Nice memories, mothers, and daughters and passing on pleasurable skills.

I observed to Peter this morning, as I was pulling out a couple of feet of stitches to repair a mistake I had made the night before:  It takes 10 times as long to fix the mistake as it does to make it.  "As in most things in life Yvonne", was his response.  Smart man.

My painting this week is a study of river rocks using frisket, salt, glazes and ink for effect. 

More next week!