Original Blog Post: February 6, 2018

I like listening to audiobooks when I drive.  The only problem is that my drive rarely exceeds an hour, even when I drive slowly, and the audiobooks usually exceed 15 hours.  I binge-read novels, often staying up until 3 in the morning blinking sandpaper eyelids forcing myself to stay awake until the last page.  I also binge watch Netflix shows.  I've almost forgotten what it's like to wait a week for the next episode.    So it makes sense that I would "binge listen" audiobooks...  The awkward part is running out of the road before a logical chapter breaks.  And it's weird to sit in the car in the driveway listening to a story.  It might be ok to sit for a minute or 2 to catch the end of the News but any longer than that will make the neighbors wonder.   

I'm listening to one right now.  So is my son because I don't have any earbuds and I'm at a very exciting part of a thriller, too exciting to turn it off.  So exciting that even though the battery on my phone is dead I've plugged it into the kitchen wall so I can hear it while I blog in front of the fire.  Lucky for him he does have earphones so that he can listen to his own program while he taps away on his laptop on the other side of the great room.  Sharing space, like families do.  I like that.  

This weeks painting is another portrait, using primary colours to create tone.  A very satisfying exercise.  It's my dad. 

This week feels more like a chapter break than a story progression.  My audiobook has way more going on than I do this week.  I like that too, today.

Maybe more will happen next Tuesday.