Original Blog Post: February 20, 2017

Give me Lions and Tigers and Bears any day over the winter blahs and cabin fever that snowmageddon has inflicted this year.  I need to go outside and play!  The alternative to gearing up for outside activity is remaining indoors and I can only turn a blind eye for so long to the impending spring cleaning that is creeping out from the baseboards and closed closet doors.  I may have to succomb to housework! 

When I was a student, if I had assignment deadlines looming I would" binge clean procrastinate".  It was as if cleaning the closets would clean my neuro pathways so that I could study better.  Last saturday I had a whole day to be at home, hanging out in my jammies drinking coffee.  My plan was to clean my bedroom closet.  Instead I painted and then mounted 5 paintings.  Around 430 in the afternoon I got dressed, and kept an eyebrow tinting appointment.  The closet is still a mess, but the studio looks great!

But speaking of procrastination:  I have been putting off making this site Public.  I had a chat with Devon about it the other night and she said "Just do it, Mom!  It will never be as perfect as you want it to be."   So goes.  I'll be announcing it on facebook in 5 minutes.

Oh My!