Original Blog Post: December 27, 2017

I love making New Years Resolutions.  This year I resolve to learn Punjabi.  At least enough to help me get by at work, without any of the cuss words.  I would also like to make this the year that I take a surfing lesson in Tofino.  And maybe fly in a helicopter. And practice yoga every day. Looking forward to the new year and all the possibilities and potential to become the me I see myself evolving into is a truly heady experience!

 The funny thing is that January first is more like a second chance in the year to start fresh.  I still feel like September is the beginning of the New Year, as if I were a child starting the school year.

I think its so dull after Christmas that January 1st was sanctioned a holiday just to lift spirits out of the winter blahs and making resolutions is the perfect daydreamy task to go with an extra day off and American college football games in front of the fire.

2018 holds a lot of promise: kayak trips, road trips, paintings, and friends. Also a little work.  

Some would say that one should resolve to be a better person; more benevolent and prosperous,  healthy and generous.  And maybe I will be those things but we should all be those things all the time every day anyway.  I believe that New Years Resolutions should be like annual promises we make to ourselves to find ways to be interesting, fun, and happy. Like an annual Bucket List.

Maybe I should just resolve to meet my blog deadline on time.😁

See you next Tuesday!