Original Blog Post: December 20, 2017

For the last 15 years or so I have relished the arrival of the Winter Solstice.  The arrival of the briefest day in the year is an indication of change, that good things are coming.  Tomorrow will last just a little longer!  There is hope for the coming of long, warm, sunny days of paddling and bike rides and swims in the river and digging bare toes in the sand at the beach.  I love the pull of the tides and the influence of the moon so this day of extremes leaves me full of contentment.  A  great day for Sun Salutations and Reflection, Solitude and Creativity ...maybe even paint.

This week I completed a rather large watercolour painting,  "Arbutus Point", on a full-size sheet of Arches 300# cold press 22"x30".    I painted it for my parents for Christmas.  Last summer I had 3 very different, very enjoyable kayak trips to Portland Island.  The first with Helen in early June, the second with John Taylor in early July and the third with my son Peter at the end of August.  I set up my tent at the edge of a bank facing east so that the first rays of sun would shine in the tent door.  I was smitten with Arbutus Point and completed several smaller sketches and works with its beaches and arbutus trees as the subjects.   

This chilly winter morning I am sitting by the fire looking east as the sun climbs in the sky over Mount Cheam, there is still a dusting of snow from yesterday's storm. I am daydreaming of pulling my paddle through the water, landing on a beach, listening to the scrape of sand on the hull, feeling the sun on my face, and laughing with Helen as we struggle out of our boats to beach comb for sea glass.

Happy Winter Solstice and Hope for long summer days! See you next Tuesday!